Zuly is an Inspiration to People Looking to Give Up on their Life

For many, life without body parts seems a challenge, which they are not able to handle. However, for the inspirational Zuly Sanguino, it is not even a hurdle in her path for success.

Zuly is from Columbia and she has been living her life without any limb due to being born with a Tetra-amelia syndrome. It is a rare genetic condition, which leads to the limbs not getting properly developed in the womb itself.

Due to her disability, Zuly faced horrific bullying during her school days. Life got worse for her at the age of 7, when she got raped as well. She could not take all these pains together and wanted to end it all by committing suicide. However, then her mother came in to the picture and gave her all the support she needed to come to a position, where she is at this moment.

Incredibly for the 25-year-old women, she used her mother’s support to overcome all the obstacles, which she had in her life. Not only that, she is currently living a normal life getting pretty little nursing care. At the same time, she is earning as an inspirational speaker and helping a lot of other under privileged people.