World’s wonderful spider

People who are passionate about insects from the animal kingdom will surely love these images that are shared here. Known as ‘jumping spider’ this species disproved the misconception about the spiders bing ugly and even scary. The shown spider has been known to be very unique as it has eight big eyes apart from looking cute.

Photographers have been given with bamboo leaves in order to keep the spider in correcting positioning for the photograph. Professional zoologists can take a clue from these spiders for their research on spiders. One should not miss these outstanding images of these spiders which are shared here. via boredpanda

Asianellus (=Phlegra) festivus

(Bamboo leaf for Lukjonis via:

They are generally diurnal, active hunters.

(Bamboo leaf for teejaybee via:

Pelegrina pervaga – Adult Male Jumping Spider

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via:

Habronattus coecatus – Adult male Jumping Spider Hiding in Leaves

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via:

It belongs to the largest family of spiders with about 13% of all species.

Adult Female Jumping Spider – Phidippus audax

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via:

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via:

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via:

Phidippus otiosus

(Bamboo leaf for cotinis via:

Phidippus clarus – Female

(Bamboo leaf for platycryptus via:

Female Jumping Spider

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