What to Look for in Foundation Makeup for Women Over 30, 40, or Even 50

While choosing, foundation makeup for different age groups, the content needs to be different. Their skins have different requirements and reactions to different foundations. Let us check out the different things to lookout for in foundation makeup for women over 30, 40 or 50:

For Women Over 30
In this age group, girls start noticing fine lines as well as damages beginning to show upon them. It is time for them to use wrinkle-softening cream foundation having better coverage. You can opt for silicon containing primer to soften the appearance of small creases on the forehead and around the eyes. You can even use dampened sponge foundations starting from the middle of the face. You need to move it outwards with shorter strokes. Again, you can opt for translucent powders onto your forehead, chin and nose.

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For Women Over 40
Almost all women have some form of wrinkles or age spots by this age. Your newest concern should be moisture loss. You need to use medium-coverage liquid foundations for alleviating dryness. You should neutralize the discoloration using a primer, which consists of a color-correcting tint. You can even use liquid formula, which polishes like foundations, but provides hydration of face creams. You should also carry a moisture jar handy with you in the purse for dabbing dry patches and keeping the foundation looking fresh.

For Women Over 50
It is such an age, where wearing less makeup can be a mistake. You need to apply the foundation in delicate layers, as it helps in smoothening creepy textures without letting it look like plasters. You should counter wrinkling as well as elasticity loss in the skin using anti-aging serum as the primer. Featherweight liquid foundations having light-diffusing ingredients and spread using flat synthetic brush help in bringing out a subtle shine on your face. Compact powder should be kept handy with you in your purse for quick touchups. However, do remember that you should not wipe the compact powder on, as it will remove the makeup.