Water Landscapes

All of us want to visit the picturized locations we come to see in movies or on post cards, or greeting cards, don’t we? Yes, we do, especially when it comes to the beautiful water landscapes, with a scintillating view of nature, edged by mountains and complemented with sky colored water.

We have got some outstandingly beautiful pictures of water landscapes of the world on the website. This beautiful water scenery represents the tranquil, peaceful Mother Nature, that has given birth to live on the earth. You may take a look at these mesmerizing shots of nature photography, to divert your mind for a while from the daily life chaos. via mymodernmet

Photo credit: Vusan Alekebero

Photo credit: Emmanuel Coupe Kalomiris

Photo credit: Andrew Murray

Photo credit: Alexey Trofimov

Photo credit: Air Pano

Photo via: Twisted Sifter

Photo credit: Jack Brauer

Photo via: All That is Interesting