Unusual cloud formations that look like an agitated sea in the sky

Perhaps one of Nature’s most mysterious works can be seen in clouds.The different formations of clouds are yet to be explained fully with a logical reason. Storm trailer Alex Schueth took anenthrallingvideo of undulatus asperatus cloud formations moving over the skies of Lincoln, Nebraska, at the time of a raging storm.

The name ofthis unusual cloud formation means “agitatedwaves”, and the entire thing looks like a stormy sea churning threateningly in the sky overhead. Several photographers and storm chasers have since been busy in documenting other instances of such a remarkable cloud formation in other locations around the world. via [Colossal], [PetaPixel] | via mymodernmet

Photo by Jerry Lawrence

Photo by Sirius_Photography

Photo by Jesse Kline

Photo by @Ti_Cranium

Photo by wittap

Photo by @Ti_Cranium

Photo by Zat Dude Online

Photo by mikku76