Unicyclist Performs Stunts On Abandoned Wind Turbine

In this stunning video you will come across the exceptional skill of unicyclist Flaviu Cernescu as he showcases his talent on an abandoned electrical tower and a wind turbine.

In December, 2014 this daredevil unicyclist from Romania in the Semenic Mountains climbs an electrical tower which is 50 ft high. He makes his way to the top by battling the finger numbing chill and the wild winds that prevail at such a great height.

After reaching the top he puts on display his extreme balance on hazardous beams which are so narrow it can hardly make room for the resting of the foot.

Then he moves on to perform his next thrill. He climbs a 35 meter high wind turbine, reaching the top of which he gives evidences of the fact that he is a great unicyclist. On the roundish roof of the wind turbine Flavio cycles on his one wheeled instrument and what a magnificent sight it is. The 33 year old is a stunt artist no doubt when he again proves himself by balancing on the narrow beams of the wind turbine. Watch this video to be amused at the amazing stunts.