Unbelievalbe 90’s Celeb Hair

Johnny Depp, during the 90s, had long and greased hair. May be, he confused himself for another grunge front man. However, this look actually worked for him in the Pirates of the Caribbean Series amongst many movies. It also makes him still carry the glamor and be a popular man in the entertainment world.

Even though the early look of Coolio seemed all what you can expect from him considering his whacky personality, but it was quite obvious that the hair, which he carried, was quite ridiculous to say the least. It seemed that he might have got his hand into a socket. This might be the reason, why he carries a lot of energy within him.

It is no denying the fact that Hanson as a boyband group made it big to the scene from day one. They were literally touring everywhere, as their first release was a major hit. However, their hair was so long and on their complexion, it seemed that they were more girl than guys.

The latest style of Melissa Joan Hart makes her seem quite relaxed, even though it might not be the coolest around. However, the actor from Clarissa and Sabrina, who wore beautiful hair do for an entire decade following the current trend at that time, should have been not thinking straight going for this hair style.

If you would have had an aweful hair meter, you would have had the locks, which Hugh Grant had, in between Backstreet Boys and a Soccer Mom. However, who would have cared about it, when the rest of the package was so good with the stunning eyes and incredible accent.

Even though it was short and not as good as it is today, hair of Jennifer Aniston was the trend in the early part of the 90s and almost everyone wanted to have the hair like the Prom Queen of Friends, Rachel Green. Her hair style was not just popular, but it was a part of a movement, which was followed by almost everyone.

It seems that Melanie Brown carried a hairstyle in this image, which was a crossover between Princess Leia and the ongoing trend. It’s good that she was a part of one of the most popular girl band of that time, or else, it would have been a scary time to avoid jokes on this hair style.