Ultramodern Motorcycle motivated by Tron was scheduled to be put up for sale on May of 2015

The sleek motorcycle features here appear as if has just leaped out of a framework from Tron. The features of this vehicle include ultramodern digital technology, neon lights, and an intimidating façade. However the finest part of this vehicle is that it’s totally serviceable and was to be put up for sale before long. Motivated by the Disney motion picture of 2010, the design of this motorbike is founded on the astounding neon-lit bikes that become visible from nothing on screen.

This design has been kept under wraps over the course of the last three years from the time it had been created and was scheduled to be there on the block in the month of May of 2015 when Sotheby’s auction is held. via Sotheby’s auction page | via [Twisted Sifter] | via mymodernmet