Ugly Zappa with 30,000 followers for her tongue

Zappa is a greyhound who lives with the Millen family in Wisconsin. Zappa has gone viral, not because of her beauty but because of her goofy looks. Zappa’s parents were high grade greyhounds who made it as show dogs but unfortunately she did not make the cut.

But it didn’t stop her from gaining a huge number of followers from all over the world. She is a victim of a dental illness which is quite common amongst greyhounds from Italy. This illness has cause Zappa to lose all her teeth except only a couple.

This result in her tongue lolling out from the sides making her looks extremely goofy and cute. Even though most will find Zappa ugly, the Millen family fell in love with her instantly and took her to their care.

Now they love her and care for her like family and share her pictures with the rest of world. The Millen family also has two other dogs and four guinea pigs.

Pictures of Zappa wearing sporting different types of clothes with her tongue lolling out and also pictures of her with the guinea pigs have made Zappa an online sensation. The Millen’s have one message for everyone; every dog should be loved and cared for.