Tourists Swim Inches Away From Endangered American Crocodiles

This is an awesome video which can bring to life your wildest fantasies. Many of you may have heard and seen that animals can be very friendly creatures and thus sharing a life and experiences with them is a great idea.

But have you ever thought what would it be like to swim along with wild crocodiles by your side that have lethal teeth and claws?

Through this video you are going to have an awesome experience where you will see how a family is having fun in the Cuban waters of Jardines de la Reina which happens to be the home of the endangered species of American Crocodiles.

Austrian Franz Pramendorfer had been vacationing with his two sons Peter, 16 and Frank, 18 along with his wife in Cuba when he spotted this 8 ft beast.

After that he decided to get a closer look and dived in. The rest is history. This incident is almost cinematic where a normal human family without any safeguards is sharing the water and taking clicks with this dangerous carnivore, just centimetres away from it.

Watch this video to believe your eyes and be absolutely amazed.