Top wedding photographs of 2014

Photography competitions attract best photographers from all over the world for submitting their work and winning awards. The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers holds a competition among members which collects best wedding photos for viewers.

There are 20 different features which would make a wedding photo look great from lighting as well as composition to raw emotion or dynamic movement, ISPWP highlights the challenges involved in wedding photography and shows why they are so special. It also states that one has to click at the right time and make a habbit of clicking rightly at every moment. In this link you will find some extraordinary wedding photos. via (h/t: mymodernmet) | via boredpanda
Photo credits: Emin Kuliyev

Photo credits: Paula Boto

Photo credits: Dennis Berti

Photo credits: Chris Huang

Photo credits: Nacho Mora

Photo credits: Allen Ko

Photo credits: Victor Lax

Photo credits: Xiang Qi

Photo credits: Tina Wright

Photo credits: Matous Duchek