Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Venezuela

Venezuela is one of the most beautiful countries in South Africa. It is predominantly a tropical country that offers some amazing locations for people who love nature tourism.

1. Angel Falls

One of the biggest sins you can commit is going to Venezuela but not going to the Angel Falls. The Angel Falls are a part of the Canaima National Park, located right within the enigmatic and beautiful Amazon Forest. The Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world at 980 meters. While it is not as popular as the Iguazu or the Niagra, it is truly breathtaking. One of the reasons why the Angel Falls are not visited as much is that you need to conquer it first. Reaching it is quite tiring, and is meant for the adventurous at heart only. If you want to go on a real adventure and have a once in a lifetime experience, the Angel Falls is where you should be headed.
Angel-FallsImage Source:beautifulworld

2. Los Roques

It is one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the country and it completely resembles any nature lover’s impression of a Caribbean beach. The blue sea and white beaches, laden with reefs and a beautiful blue sky. The Los Roques is perfect if you want to go on a holiday and relax with nothing else on your mind other than the scenic beauty Venezuela has to offer. You can easily sunbathe for hours without being disturbed at all and the color of the water will leave your breathless. You will find various accommodation facilities in the area and you will get all kinds of services to make your stay a memorable one. After all, there is nothing better than resting in one of the most beautiful places on earth.
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3. Isla margarita

The Isla Margarita or the Margarita Isle is known to be the largest island in Venezuela. You will find the place always bubbling with energy and enthusiasm and the island brings countless tourists every year. You will find a wide assortment of cafes and other small restaurants that offer premium Margarita of course! The name of the island is named after the popular drink. The island is also laden with plenty of beaches – from the quiet and nice kind to the hip and happening where tourists hang out. Accommodation facilities are top notch and you will find the clubbing scene is always active as well. There are a lot of fun activities like jet skiing, snorkelling and diving in the island to keep you entertained.
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4. La Gran Sabana

It is one of the most charming parts of Venezuela and is also a part of the iconic Canaima National park. Your journey can be completely exhilarating on this wonderful prairie that is laden with mountains, valleys. You will find a lot of Indians living in these areas and have fun time with them and know more about their culture. The scenery is truly amazing. In case you didn’t know this is the location where the movie ‘Jurassic Park’ was shot and it could be argued that the place would be complete with the dinosaurs. The plant life is also quite intriguing and you will notice beautiful waterfalls, lakes and even rivers where you can take a dip and enjoy nature in its most beautiful form.
AI-The-Lost-WorldImage Source:lagransabana

5. Mochima National park

The Mochima national park is an archipelago complete with white beaches, beautiful coral reefs and clear waters. It is one of the few places on earth where you can swim with dolphins in their natural habitat if you are lucky enough. The place is simply beautiful and you can easily spend a few days relaxing without being disturbed at all. It is also one of the most economical locations in Venezuela and a great place to visit if you are on a budget. The best beaches in the Mochima archipelago have to be reached by boat only and they will all surely lead to unforgettable experiences like no other. From calm and quiet beaches to ones full of tourists and activities – there are endless options to choose from.
mochima-national-parkImage Source:tripadvisor