Top 5 tourist attractions in United Kingdom

1. Stonehenge:

If you go to United Kingdom and want to get the taste of the history of the country then Stonehenge will surely be one of the places that will be must watch for you. It is an evidence of pre historical architecture. This piece of ancient history has no written record of it. This is why it has always been a topic of debate among various historians. Many people from all around the world visit this place in UK. It is quite evident that the big stones used to make this architecture are of 2500 BC. It is still a mystery that for what purpose this Stonehenge was actually made. However, most of the historians say that this monument was actually used for some religious or ceremonial purpose.
stonehenge-aerialImage Source:english-heritage

2. Big Ben:

When you talk about the best places to visit in United Kingdom you must talk about Big Ben. It is a clock tower which was made one hundred fifty years ago. The name Big Ben not only talks about the clock tower but it also implies the bell of 13 ton. The name is made according to the first person who ordered the bell. His name was Benjamin Hall. It can be considered as the third tallest clock tower in the world. It can also be considered as one of the symbols of this country and it has been shown in various movies also. In the famous movie ‘Mars Attacks’ the Big Ben clock was actually destroyed by the UFO attacks.
Big-Ben_2770394bImage Source:telegraph

3. Windsor Castle:

Windsor Castle is considered as one of the most famous and oldest castles all over the world. This is also considered as one of the main official residences of Queen Elizabeth II. She spent many of her weekends in this castle. She has used this castle for both private and state entertainment. There are plenty of splendid states apartments can be found in this castle. This is also the only evidence of the Windsor date. People who have historical interest about United Kingdom they must go to visit this place as it will give you plenty of historical information about the country. When Henry II came in the throne in 1154 this building was started to be made.
windsor_1Image Source:uclu

4. York Minster:

If you go in England you will surely want to visit York Minster at least once. This is a Gothic Cathedral which is famous for its own ancient history. If you have interest to know about the development of Gothic architecture then you must visit this place. Here you will get plenty of evident about the various architectural aspects of the city. The present building what you will see was started to be built in the year 1230 and it was completed in the year 1472. ‘Great East Window’ can be considered as one of the best costliest stained glass which was used in medieval age. So, overall this place can be considered as one of the most certain visits that you will do in New York.
York-Minster-InteriorImage Source:feveredmutterings

5. The Cotswolds:

The Cotswolds can be considered as one of those places where you can get the glimpse of natural beauty. It is actually a hill station in which you can enjoy the vast green landscape. The main or top hill point is 300 meters high. There are plenty of stone built villages and ancient towns on the hill. The best thing what you can get is that this tourist spot is near from most of the reputed cities of England. So wherever you stay as a tourist in England you will be able to explore this place and enjoy the scenic beauty of this place to the lees. It has always been one of the most attracting tourist spots in the country and many tourists visit this place to get the taste of nature.
CotswoldsImage Source:lovetoescape