Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

1. Matterhorn

Located on the border of Switzerland with Italy, the Matterhorn is the iconic pointed peak of the Swiss Alps. With a height of 4478 meters it is one of the highest peaks of the Alps, having four steep faces with glaciers at the base of each face. Below this peak, there lies a small town Zermatt at an altitude of 1608 meters. It draws tourists from all over the world for its spectacular scenic surroundings and serene ambience. To prevent air pollution that can possibly obscure the frightening beauty of the Matterhorn, the entire area is a combustion type car free zone and it is almost silent. It houses many good restaurants and one can reach there by the cog railway train.
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2. Rhine Falls

Having a span of around 150 meters, the Rhine Falls is the largest falls in Central Europe. Situated in the near vicinity of Schaffhausen in northern Switzerland, it is a magnificent natural wonder that swells in full volume when the mountain snow melts in the months of June and July. The site of the falls can be reached by a boat when the tourists have a good look at the lovely basin and the spectacular boulders in the middle of the river. The medieval castle, Schoss Laufen is situated near the falls and houses a youth hostel, shops and a restaurant. The amazing viewing platform that protrudes over the falls gives the tourists a feeling of hovering above the falls.
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3. Jungfraujoch

For the persons who want to reach the top of the Europe, Jungfraujoch in the Bernese Alps will definitely fit the bill. It houses the highest railway station of Europe at 3,454 meters. The Jungfrau Region offers a spectacular view of the snow white peaks of the Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger against a backdrop of green meadows and valleys of the Alpine region. However, the best views of the peaks one must can be had from Faulhorn. The Great Aletsch Glacier, which is included in the UNESCO world heritage sites, begins at Jungfraujoch. The Sphinx observatory, the highest observatory in the world, is also situated here. Through there is no arrangement of staying overnight at the top, even the one day trip to is unforgettable.
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4. Bernina Express

The Bernina Express is a colorful train that starts its journey at Chur in Switzerland and terminates in Tirano, just across the border in the northern part of Italy crossing the Swiss Engadin Alps. The train leaves Chur running alongside the Rhine and during most of its journey, the train passes through world heritage sites known as the Albula and Bernina Landscapes. In 4 hours of running the train passes through 55 tunnels and had to cross 196 bridges offering the tourists a beautiful scenic view of glaciers, peaks, mountains, towns and green meadows through the enlarged windows of the panoramic coaches of the train. Being a train for sightseeing, it offers multilingual audio guide and not be missed at any cost.
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5. Bern

Perched in a stunning location on the peninsula of the River Aare, the city of Bern has a typical old charm and the medieval city center has found its place in the list of UNESCO cultural world heritage sites. It houses the tallest cathedral of Switzerland that offers a nice view of the surrounding area of the tower. It houses a lot of excellent museums and there are eleven Renaissance allegorical statues on fountains in the Old Town. The elaborate medieval clock Zytglogge with moving puppets and Lauben, the extremely large shopping arcade draws tourists throughout the year. You can also visit the Rose Garden that offers magnificent views of the centre of the old town and when with family a visit to the Bear Park is ideal.
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