Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Spain

1. Real Palacio

Situated in Madrid Real Palacio or Royal Palace was earlier the official residence of the Royal family and the king of Spain. Built between 1738 and 1755, it is considered as one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe and it contains 3418 rooms with 135,000 square meters of floor space. The present king of Spain does not stay here and the palace is used for official banquets and other major state events. The exterior of the palace includes Plaza de la Armeria, Plaza de Oriente, Campo del Moro Gardens, and Sabatini Gardens. The interior of the palace consists of the Grand Staircase, Royal Library, Royal chapel, Royal Armory and many rooms all with unique decoration and amazing collection of arts.
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2. Aqueduct of Segovia

This ancient Aqueduct was built by the Romans and is the best preserved monuments in Spain. Constructed by large granite blocks without using mortar the arches are arranged in two levels decorated simply and the top pillars are both shorter and narrower than those in the lower level. There is a U-shaped channel in the top structure through which water can flow. Located on the Iberian Peninsula, the Aqueduct is a UNESCO world heritage site and was built during the first century AD. The massive construction was built for supplying water from the Fuente Fría River and runs 15 kilometers to reach the city. It is the most important architectural landmark of Spain and a major tourist attraction for visitors from all corners.
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3. La Concha

Located in the Bay of La Concha, it is one of the finest beaches in Europe and attracts tourists from all over. Encompassed by steep cliffs and having islands around, La Concha offers most eye catching beauty in Spain. The tree-filled island of Santa Clara also offers a most amazing view to the tourists. Because of its climate, crystal clear water, the local people and culture La Concha is a tourist paradise. The near proximity to France also made it a popular destination. Visitors come here for playing surf, strolling on the beach and also for enjoying typical Spanish forage. As one expects from a city beach, La Concha offers great facilities to the visitors with many changing rooms and sun beds.
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4. Alhambra Palace

The Alhambra Palace was built by the sultans of the Nasrid dynasty. This is, in fact, a palace complex perched on a hill at the end Granada city province of Andalusia in the southern part of Spain. It is one of the best cultural achievements in the history of Europe. It’s most unique feature is the alcazaba or the citadel. The rest of the plateau is full of Moorish palaces, enclosed by a fortified wall, with thirteen towers, some of which are for defending purposes and the others providing vistas for the inhabitants. The interior decoration of the palace is a typical testimony of the Moorish domination with little of the Byzantine influence. At present, the Alhambra Palace is major tourist attraction in Spain.
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5. Bull Fighting

No Spain visit is complete without experiencing the excitements of the bull fighting that is prevailing in this part of the world since long. It was first introduced around 1726 and the modern form of bull fighting is the creation of Juan Belmonte. He is considered as the greatest Matador of all times. This sport is actually dancing with death as the Matadors face the charged bulls carrying a muleta, a piece of crimson cloth draped over a short stick, in the left hand and the killing sword in the right hand and swings away inches away from the raged bull and hurts the same. Many tourists crowd the arena to watch the Matadors gaining superiority over the bull by their quick maneuvers.
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