Top 5 tourist attractions in Singapore

Singapore is a colorful and vibrant place with many vivid and lively scenes and landscapes on offer, there are many regions in Singapore where you can get the best of this place. This place has some of the best places to visit and the top 5 places that a tourist can visit are as follows:

1. Orchard road

This place is one of the most iconic places in Singapore and is a highly visited place by many people, it is a shopping street and many local individual and foreign tourists visit this place in search of some great sight, this road leads to the fruit orchards which are gorgeous in their own ways and the president of Singapore lives in this region and the roads are decorated with a touch of Christmas surroundings which give it a lovely vibe making it classy. There are many trees especially the palm trees and all the houses present in this street are topped with snow which makes it attractive to the eyes and the colorful scenes make it very interesting to visit.
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2. Resorts world

The resorts world of Singapore is a highly dense world of the resorts in the southern coastal island of Singapore. There are various properties in this island and all of them are very much the best with some of the most renowned casinos and hotels. This place is a great attraction to many people and has many water parks and an aquarium which can provide you with the sight of various marine life forms and there are some great restaurants which serve some of the best dishes in Singapore and if you’re a tourist and you plan to visit Singapore then the resorts world is the ultimate place to be with some of the best available sights and some very exciting places.
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3. Night safari

The night safari is an exciting and adventurous place to visit and has various happy moments to offer. It is one of the best attractions of Singapore and is been visited by millions over the year and is a good place to provide people with some of the most entertaining sights and scenes, this tram ride is a very interesting ride taking tourists to seven of the world’s regions and has various animals which could be tracked with a trail walk. There are many programs which run in this wildlife preserve and there are many extinct species which could be found here and feature ads to the reputation of this place and is very big reason why various tourists visit this place.
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4. Clarke Quay

This is an iconic place in the heart of Singapore, there are many commercial activities going on in this place. It consists of the mouth of river quay which makes it a soulful place and is very much the best place to go. This is a place where you can find some unique products and the sights offered by this place which can make your travel worth it, the river has some great landscapes which can be captured in your minds for the rest of life. Many tourists cannot forget this place and give it a visit every year, the soothing environment makes it’s a connecting place and in the night you can get some great light works and market items.
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5. Buddha tooth relic

This place is temple for all the Singaporean Buddhists, this temple has some of the best arts relate to Buddhists and it also is a great way to get a taste of all the cultural activities of the Singaporean Buddhists. This temple is basically a place which has a tooth relic of Buddha, this located in the central region of Singapore’s Chinatown and has all the traditional activities that a temple can have, it was constructed in the 1980’s and has some of the most interesting things to offer besides the tooth relic of Buddha and is regarded as one of the most holy and peaceful places in Singapore which is a great reason why many people pay a visit to this temple.
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