Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Netherlands

1. Canals of Amsterdam:

When you talk about the tourist spots of Netherlands you must mention about the famous canals of this country. Canals of Amsterdam are surely one of them. These canals were created in the 17th century. There are three main canals in this. The name of those canals is Keizersgracht, Prinsengracht, and Herengracht. These days the canals go for sixty miles or 100 kilometers and there are 1500 bridges with this canal. Alongside the various canals there are 1550 monumental buildings which are built now. It overall makes these canals much more beautiful. These buildings in the evening light look extremely good and it makes the place extremely stunning to look. So, if you have come to Netherlands these canals will be one of the best places to visit.
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2. West Frisian Islands:

In the Dutch Coast of North Sea there is a chain Islands and you will feel extremely good to enjoy the natural beauty of these islands. West Frisian Islands actually separates the Wadden Sea from the North Sea by the help of tidal mud flats. These islands go till the German East Frisian Islands. You can actually reach to the many islands from one island. You need to just walk from one island to other with much ease. It will also be great to see the scenic beauty of the sea from the island. So, it will be great to view the two seas getting separated. If you want transport on this island cycling can be considered as one of the best ways.
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3. Hoge Veluwe National Park:

There are many places in Netherlands where the nature can make your mood extremely romantic and Hoge Veluwe National Park can surely be considered among one of them. Being spread in 13800 acres of space this national park is a tourist spot for many of the local people and also for the foreigners. You have to visit this place at the day time. You will explore the dense woodlands and also a well sculpture park. There are plenty of roe and red deer found in this national park. You can also see some of the most beautiful birds inside the national park. You can board on bike to visit the whole park as biking inside the park is absolutely free.
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4. Keukenhof:

If you love to see the gardens then Keukenhof can be a perfect place in Netherlands where you must visit at least once. The most popular flower of Netherland is Tulip and you can find them in plenty of numbers in this garden. You will be able to view seven hundred varieties of tulips in this garden. There are plenty of good restaurants inside also where you can have some delicious Netherland dishes. You will also be able to see different types of daffodils, crocuses and hyacinths also in this garden which will soothe your eyes. You will also see an open air flower show which can also be considered as the largest open air flower show in the world. You can enjoy endless colors in the garden not only because of the flowers but also because of the presence of various commercial houses inside the garden.
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5. Van Gogh Museum:

When you talk about the best museum all over the world the name of Van Gogh Museum will also come into discussion. If you come to Amsterdam you should surely visit Van Gogh Museum at least once. Every year more than 1.5 million people come to see this museum. You will be able to see the largest collections of paintings of famous painter named Van Gogh in this museum. Most of those masterpieces are given by his family to the museum. There are seven hundred letters, five hundred drawings and two hundred paintings which are showcased in this museum. If you really want to see the best art museum in Netherland then this museum should surely be visited by you at least once.
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