Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the richest countries in Europe. With many tourist attraction places, the country has its own charm and beauty. Obviously it is not so large but nowhere the country is substandard to other nations of Europe. The country’s tourism is a major component of the overall national economy. Apart from the beautiful places, there are many activities that you can participate into – cycling, biking etc.

Places To Visit In Luxembourg

Take a look at some of the top tourist attraction places in Luxembourg.

1. Vianden Castle

Vianden Castle is among the largest and attractive feudal residence of Gothic and Romanesque era. Settled on a rock-strewn promontory in close proximity to Vianden (the town) and River Our beneath is the most popular castle Chateau de Vianden. It is said that this castle originated in the 10th century whereas the present Romanesque building had been constructed amid 11th to 14th century owing to the added trimmings as well as the transformations pertaining to Gothic period with the passage of centuries. Although Vianden Castle had been consented to be ruined post the 17th century yet it continues to remain one of the well-known tourist attractions of this age in Luxembourg, Europe.
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2. The Grand Ducal Palace

The Grand Ducal Palace had been situated at the heart of the beautiful country of Luxembourg. Originated in the year 1574, The Grand Ducal Palace is the most famous tourist place and Grand Duke’s residence in the country. Looking at this beautiful palace, tourists get a good example of the architectural works of Spanish Renaissance period. Visiting The Grand Ducal Palace, you can also get the glimpse of Luxembourg military performing their ceremonial duties. This tourist attraction is open from 15th July till 2nd September.
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The stunning look of this hamlet will simply make you go crazy. Located 31 miles in the country’s northeast, ESCH-SUR-SÛRE is sitted on a vertical hill missing out the river bend. This tourist attraction has been dominated by the castle-ruins and watchtower of the 15th century. ESCH-SUR-SÛRE is located at the center of a hilly country in the northern region namely Oesling. It is a region that is filled with deep forests surrounded by thick cuts of roundabout rivers, pastures as well as farms.
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4. The Bock Casemates

Visiting the country of Luxembourg, don’t miss out the opportunity of going to The Bock Casemates. This is a part of the old fortifications of Luxembourg depicting an outstanding framework of the military architecture over many centuries. UNESCO World Heritage is one of the old fortifications considering its history and enclosed valley. It is a natural defensive wall that had been used to keep away the attackers for several centuries.
A clandestine of this defensive wall is the Casemates du Bock which is a deep underground system with galleries and passages of the seventeenth century. Presently, the tourists can take a look at the maze of this underground which once had been equipped with amenities such as bakeries, horses, slaughterhouses, kitchens and workshops with barracks to provide shelter to twelve hundred soldiers in war.
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5. Museum of Music

Are you a music lover? Well then you would just love this great tourist spot located in the country of Luxembourg. The Museum of Music is a unique name that lures tourists who are music lovers. Museum of Music leads to the growth of “brass music” and vocal grand ducal in the beautiful country of Luxembourg. This is the best place in order to discover 200 years music in the country inclusive musical scores, photographs and instruments. The Museum of Music attracts a number of tourists each year.
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