Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Japan

Japan has always been a favourite holiday spot for foreigners owing to several attraction places located there. Following is the list of some of the topmost tourist spots in the country.

Famous Tourist Spots In Japan

1. Mount Fuji

With a towering height of 3,776 meters or 12,388 feet, Mount Fuji can be considered as the highest peak in Japan. The awesome scenario of the mountain and the unique conical shape of the volcano signify a popular symbol of the nation which can turn out to be a goldmine for professional photographers. A mountain hiking during the hours of the early morning can be a reward worth enjoyable. In a recent study, it has been found that almost 2 lakh people come to visit this awesome tourist attraction every year among which 30% people are foreigners. While climbing up Mount Fuji, it might take 3 to 8 hours whereas 2 to 5 hours can be spent while climbing down.

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2. Himeji Castle

If you are a castle enthusiastic then visiting the Himeji Castle is a must do for you while you are in Japan. Apart from being the best conserved samurai castle of the country, Himeji Castle is the living example of such a castle in Japan. Being popularly known by the name of “Shirasagi – jo” which means the “White–Heron Castle,” this unique piece of art has an excellent whitish exterior and the structure can be resembled to a heron that is about to take flight. The castle eventually survived from the bombardments done during the World War – II and is also known as a popular shooting location. The castle had also been rebuilt for a number of occasions throughout the ages and hence periods of different types of designs can be reflected through it.
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3. Hiroshima Peace – Memorial Park

It has always been the saddest day of Hiroshima when the fatal atomic bomb was plunged in the city on the day of 6th August, 1945. Established in a beautiful park, the peace memorial stands with a handful of sad memories of those poor victims who was unable to survive on that very day. The key purpose of founding this establishment is not only a to deliver a memorable tribute of those innocent lives but also it is an effective medium of raising awareness against the destructive phenomena of atomic war and spreading peace and love worldwide.
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4. The Phoenix Hall at Byodo-in Temple

This is considered to be one of the most striking buildings in Japan. If you desire to get a view of such a beautiful building then look at the backside of Japanese coin that is ¥10, you can preview the image of The Phoenix Hall at Byodo-in Temple. This building is so popular as it is among the few wooden structures that survived from Heian Period from 710 to 1185. In addition, this well-designed building is among the UNESCO World Heritage locations in Kyoto. So when planning a visit to Japan next time, add The Phoenix Hall at Byodo-in Temple in your list.
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5. Great Buddha of Kamakura

Another tourist attraction spot in Japan is the Great Buddha of Kamakura. It is a massive representation of among the renowned Buddhist figures in Japan namely Amida Buddha. The whole statue is created in bronze standing at 40 Ft high (13 meters) and it weighs almost 93 tons. It is said that the statue had been constructed somewhere in the year 1252. Initially the Great Buddha of Kamakura had been accommodated in a small temple made of wood. However, the statue presently stands out in open air as the wooden temple had been washed away at the time of Tsunami during 15th century.
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