Top 5 tourist attractions in France

1. Eiffel Tower:

When you talk about the symbol of Paris Eiffel Tower will be the only name that will come into your mind for sure. There is no need to say that if you go to France it will be a certain place which you will want to visit. It is considered as one of the finest tourist attractions in France. This tower was built by Gustav Eiffel. In the year 1889 one International Exhibition took place in Paris and at that time this tower was actually built. After the construction was completed more than 200000000 people have already visited this place. This is considered to be one of the most paid tourist places not only in France but also in the world.
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2. Chartres Cathedral:

There are plenty of places to explore in France and Chartres Cathedral will surely be one of those. You will get the signs of high gothic French style in every single part of this cathedral. Most of the ancient stained windows made of glass are still there intact for immemorial time. Only some minor changes have been done by the architect. This wonderful cathedral was built in 13th century and it still remains almost the same till then. As per the historical places are concern this is one of the most preserved places in France. This is why you will be able to see plenty of things associated with the ancient culture of the country. If you go to France this is one of the best visits for you.
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3. Chamonix:

If you have gone to France and have not got the chance to visit Chamonix it will be a big loss. If you are a lover of natural beauty this will surely be considered as one of the best places to explore. The site is also famous for associating with Winter Olympic 1924. It is the best ski resort in the country. In winter the most famous boarders and skiers go to this place to enjoy the most difficult slope. On the other hand in the month of summer it becomes one of the best places for the bikers and mountaineers to enjoy. So, you go at any season in France this will be a place which you must visit at least for once.
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4. Gorge du Verdon:

If you want to enjoy some natural beauty in France then Gorge du Verdon will surely be one of the most fascinating places to visit for you. This is actually a canyon which goes for twenty five kilometers and gives extreme pleasure to your eyes. It is 700 meters from the river Verdon which is flowing underneath. The color of the water which is green emerald makes the place extremely spectacular. This place is also famous for enjoying various kinds of water sports including water skiing, sailing, kayaking, rafting and many other things. So, this place can be considered as a place where you can enjoy the supreme natural beauty as well as various kinds of water sports which will also be quite entertaining.
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5. Chateau De Chambord:

France is an old country and its history has always been a thing of interest for many people. If you visit a place like Chateau De Chambord you will surely get a perfect glimpse of ancient architectural style of the country as well as their ancient culture a bit. King Francois started the manufacturing of this famous Chateau in the year 1519. He built it because he wanted to hunt in the nearby forest. There are huge 440 rooms inside the Chateau which are extremely cold. The king actually stayed here for forty days but since then this place has become one of the most popular historical interests of the country and many people come and visit this place to know about the ancient culture of the country.
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