Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Finland

Finland is a very interesting place to visit and with its great surroundings and art filled locations you are sure to get some of the best times of your life and with all the boreal forests and a very thin population in the outer regions you can surely get some great sights.

1. Aland

This Aland Island is an island present in between Sweden and Finland and is an exciting place to visit when one is in Finland. This island is a large mass of exotic land with some great places and has about ten thousand smaller islands attached to itself which makes it a lot more beautiful and attractive. This place also has a great history attached to it with the British war and was considered to be a fortress and has some great historic value which adds to the value of this place. This place is iconic, gorgeous and has some great landscapes making it a treat for the eyes and an unforgettable adventure which is the reason why most people visit this place.
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2. Helsinki

This place is the capital if Finland and has a vast amount of cultural places that can be seen, this place has some of the best designed monuments and structures and it also has three theatres which can be very entertaining all around the year. The place has some of the best museums which has substances which are of great historic importance, the churches and other structures of this region are state of the art with some very classic architectural works to offer and the most interesting thing about this place are the pastor’s houses which are made up of gray stone and are very pleasing to the eyes and gives this place a soulful and soothing feeling which makes it a great place to go.
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3. Jyvaskyla

This place is a city placed on the northern region of the lake Jyvaskyla; this place is the hub of all administration in Finland and has various cultural offerings. This place has some of the best trade fairs which consist of some of the best wood and metal materials around the globe. This city consists of houses which are made up of wood and the buildings in this region are made up of stone which gives it a lively appeal and this place also comprises of a couple of churches, it is also connected with the harbor and has the international arts festival which is a world renowned event having some of the best cultural, educational, artistic and educational activities.
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4. Northern lights

The northern lights can be a dream for many people and they chase their dreams and come to Finland, this is the ideal place to be when you are searching for the northern lights. The northern lights come to sight in between the months of September and March and are one of the greatest sights in the entire world; tourists can get hold of this sight from Lapland which is a great place in Finland. This place has some great sights of the northern light which ranges from the scenes of blazing curtains to the colorful streams and the lights are very illuminating and make the sky glow and glitter making these lights a great reason for visiting Finland’s Lapland region.
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5. Savonlinna

This is one of the prime place places of Finland and an important region in the lake part of Finland and has some of the most iconic castles and churches in Finland. It lies between the northern and southern part of Finland and is a town which has many attractive places and many adventurous related to them. This place is the epicenter of all the boating services and has some great cruises which can help you with some exciting water rides and the castle in this region has great rooms and halls which can be a good sight for many people and with such interesting options this place can surely be a great option to visit for any tourists who visits Finland.
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