Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Belgium

1. Brussels

Brussels, the Belgium capital has many tourist attractions. This is a classic European city located centrally in the Europe and is the home of the NATO, European Union any many other international organizations. Brussels bears the charm of a small town with cosmopolitan attractions and has many must see places including the Grand Place which is the most spectacular medieval square containing guild houses. The Square was built in the 13th century and now it is a UNESCO world heritage site. Within a short walk from the Grand Place there lies Mannekin Pis, a fountain containing a small bronze humorous statue of a little boy relieving himself. With museums, parks, trendy restaurants, Brussels is a perfect city for holidaying with family and friends.
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2. Burges

With many fascinating places to see, Burges is one of the most beautiful cities in the northern part of Belgium. The city houses many ancient buildings preserved neatly and the historic center is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. This canal based city is also referred to as the ‘Venice of the north’ and one may explore the city by boat along the network of canals. The most popular site in Burges is the Belfry and Halle, dominating the main square attracting the visitors with their unique style of architecture. Once you are on the top of Belfry climbing the narrow steps you will have the most spectacular panoramic view. The city it is full with chocolate shops, boutiques and fine restaurants.
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3. Antwerp

Widely known for its hospitality, restaurants and numerous festivals, Antwerp is not to be missed while visiting Belgium. Situated on the river Scheldt, this art-loving city of Belgium is famous for its vibrant nightlife and houses many medieval buildings and modern architecture as well. Antwerp is also the house of the famous painter Peter Paul Rubens and his house is now converted into a museum housing most of his work. Though it was earlier a fortified city, there is hardly any remaining of the city walls. The 14th century Cathedral of Our Lady is a nice place to visit and the zoo is also one of the oldest zoos in the world. Being a prominent diamond center, Antwerp attracts many tourists.
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4. Ghent

This is another Belgian city that can be explored by boats along the elegant network of canals. The city is full of beautiful mediaeval architectures that are remarkably maintained for attracting visitors. In Ghent, you can visit the Gravensteen Castle or Castle of the Counts that is modeled after the crusader castles. The city also houses many museums containing the masterpieces of many famous artists and painters. There are many churches, including the Saint-Jacob’s church, the Saint-Nicolas’ church and the Saint Michael’s church, all of which are worth seeing. The city also has many restaurants that serve local delicacies and also has a rich culinary tradition. Every July there is a celebration where everyone takes part with theatrical performances, concerts, singing anddancing.
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5. Mons

Only an hour’s journey from Brussels, this Belgian city has a rich history and tradition. The famous artist Van Gogh also stayed here for some time, and his house is now a place for a permanent exhibition of audio visual shows. The elegant town hall building situated on the grand place of Mons with the Belfry also secured a place in the UNESCO world heritage sites. While visiting Mons, one must see the Mayor’s Garden and the Gothic architecture of The Sainte-Waudru Collegiate Church. The other places of interest are the casemates that bear the testimony of military fortifications of the kingdom of the Netherlands, the Red-Well fountains and the Waux Hall Park. Every July tourists gather to witness the ‘Ducasse de Mons’ festival.
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