Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Australia

1. Sydney Opera

This spectacular building on Sydney’s Bennelong Point found its place in the UNESCO World Heritage and is considered as an architectural masterpiece of the 20th century. Designed by Dutch architect Jorn Utzon and remembering the image of a huge sailing ship with billowing sails, this breathtaking building is a multiple venue performing arts center. It houses many auditoriums for theaters, operas, ballets. There is also an open air amphitheater and the visitors can also enjoy a refreshing meal at one of the restaurants while taking a tour of the magnificent building. This popular tourist has a stunning location and looks great when viewed from a distance being encompassed by the scenic beauty of the Sydney Harbor and the Royal Botanic Garden.
Sydney_Opera_House_NightImage Source:operaworld

2. Great Ocean Road

The great ocean road is the most spectacular drive one would like to take while visiting Australia. Having a stretch of 243 kilometers (151 miles) through the southeastern coast of Australia, this national heritage highway of Australia starts at the town of Torquay and goes up to Allansford, near Warranambool in Victoria. Driving through this great highway the visitors pass through the Twelve Apostles, the limestone stacks formation near the Port Campbell National Park besides the London Bridge, and Loch Ard Gorge. The dense eucalyptus population in the Otway National Park and the rainforests filled with fern is also another unforgettable experience. Driving through this, you can also spot some of Australia’s famous wildlife, including kangaroos, fur seals and emus.
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3. Blue Mountains National Park

Included in the list UNESCO world heritage sites, the Blue Mountain reserve is situated in New South Wales, approximately 80 kilometers west of Sydney and has an area of around 662000 acres. In spite of being called a mountain, it is situated on a plateau full of many large rivers, gorges, waterfalls, bush lands and hiking trails. The most popular attraction in the park is the Three Sisters, the towering sandstone rock formation. The park also includes Katoomba Scenic Railway that offers the tourists a breathtaking experience of whisking through a tunnel on the side of a cliff. The park is a natural play ground for the adventure sports lover with opportunities for rock climbing and abseiling that shoot out adrenaline.
wentworth-fallsImage Source:nationalparks.nsw

4. Fraser Island

When looking for a natural tourist attraction of Australia, the Fraser Island cannot be ignored. Situated off the coast of Queensland and separated from the mainland by Great Sandy Strait, it is the largest sand island in the world with an area of 1840 square kilometers. The beautiful island is full of rainforests, eucalyptus population, mangrove forests, swamps, coastal heaths and sand dunes that attract tourist for their unexplored natural beauty. The UNESCO patrimony also has many sweet water lakes, creeks, some fed by the springs, rivers and sandy beaches. You can see the rusted hulls of shipwrecks alongside beach. The island is a natural habitat for dolphins, sharks, whales, birds etc. The visitors can take a four-wheel drive vehicle to explore the island.
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5. Tasmania

Being separated from the mainland by the Bras Strait, It is the smallest state of Australia consisting abandoned beaches, mountains and pristine landscapes. Tasmania is also favored by tourists for perfectly clean atmosphere. It offers the intrepid travelers hundreds of lakes on the central plateau and its forests are the homes of numerous species of animals. Tasmanian holds a vast expanse of temperate rain forest with the reserves and gorges; and is also famous for its areas full of rugged wilderness. Besides the natural wildlife, Tasmania has a rich heritage and history, and the ancient landscapes await the visitors with its many outdoor adventure sports. Tourists may opt for self driven itineraries following the coastal driveways for exploring the island.
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