Top 5 Cities of the Future

1. The Venus future city project

It is the vision of the Jacque Fresco who has designed this project with perfect layout for future cities using sophisticated construction techniques. It is designed keeping in mind that it is easier to build a totally new city from scarps than to update the old cities. This city will have a circular shape with parks, gardens and will have prefabricated modular buildings capable to lessen the effect of natural calamities. It will boast a central dome housing educational facilities, networking systems, health facilities etc. Around this central dome there will be cultural centers, design centers, residential districts, clean energy sources, agricultural belts all in concentric layers with a scenic backdrop and recreational facilities will be house in the outermost layer.

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2. The Lilypad floating city Project

With continuous global warming that swells the seas there will be climate change refugees as some places are sure to be flooded with water. The Belgian Architect Vincent Callebaut has designed this completely self sufficient floating city that will be able accommodate around 50000 people, and is intended to be either near coast or for floating in the ocean. It is designed to be zero emission city that looks like a water lily, and hence the name. Further, the cities will be totally self-sufficient for producing required food, energy and management of wastes. A Japanese company has also designed a floating city and the Chinese have also begun drawing the blue print to have one of their own.

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3. Umka, the Russian polar city

Russia has made bold forward plan for having an Arctic city named Umka, after the popular polar bear cub animation. Understanding that there will be definite need to spread out in the future Russia has planned in the Siberian tundra region. This future city will have houses, hotels, parks, schools, hospitals, and facilities for sports and recreation as well. The city will have large dome for accommodating around 5000 people who can stay their permanently and shall be protected from the harsh arctic climate. The design of Umka resembles the design of the International Space Station and this will be completely self sufficient’ Lying 1000 miles off the North Pole, It would be the northernmost settlement of Russia.

a-look-at-umka-the-domed-russian-city-planned-for-sub-zero-arctic-temperaturesImage Source:businessinsider

4. The Rabbit hole of Mexico

In the historic city center where there is no place for any construction; architects in Mexico are planning to build a tower city in a radical manner. Instead of constructing cloud-touching skyscrapers, they have planned to go deep into the ground building an earthscrapper. Designed in the form of an inverted pyramid, this tower is will go 300 meters in the ground beneath the famous Zocalo plaza. The designers say that the construction is conceived as an inverted pyramid for relieving the pressure of the earth on the structure. This 65 story underground construction will have transparent glass foot pane and the deepest levels will be lit using a new fiber optical technology able to capture and carry sunlight.

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5. Tower cities

In view of the space shortage and also to avoid unnecessary wastage of fuel, time, energy, water and the traffics, the modern architectural concept is to build taller tower cities. This concept has been adopted by some countries to develop their future tower cities. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai was designed to be 2716 feet high would include 30,000 homes, nine hotels, shopping malls and many other facilities. The proposed skyscraper Dubai City Tower is supposed to be 2,400 meters (7,900 ft) tall. Scheduled to be completed in 2025, it is sure to transform the tower city dream into reality. After completion it will have 400 floors with vertical bullet train acting as the main elevator and would be powered mostly by clean energies.

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