These are probably the most magnificent table designs made ever

A table does not necessarily mean a top plank with four legs and for some people it means something more than that. If you have creativity and imagination it is possible to make a table brilliantly artistic.

Here are eighteen such amazing table designs that include glass river table; amethyst table, swing set table, moon table and many more that will sooth your eyes. All these tables are created with beautiful fusion of art and utility for adding to your interior decoration. Scroll down the page for choosing the design you like best. via boredpanda

Citrine Tables
Designed by Empressive Geo Designs
Sparkling Table

Designed by John Foster

Picnyc Table

Designed by Haiko Cosnelissen

Swing Set Table

Designed by Duffy London

Lake Table

Designed by David Gill

Glass River Tables

Designed by Greg Klassen

Abyss Table

Designed by Duffy London

Wood And Aluminum Tables

Designed by Hilla Shamia

Leaf Table

Source: reddit

Recycled Jet Engine Table

Designed by MotoArt

Branch And Tree End Tables

Designed by Bleu Nature

Wood Log Table

Designed by John Houshmand

Amethyst Table

Designed by Crystal Works

Designed by Touchstone Galleries