The fight of the tree

Humankind’s association with nature is a troublesome one – we should utilize it, live in congruity with it, shield it and shield ourselves from it. These outwardly striking pictures that we gathered of tree roots crashing into cement are excellent typical representations of this convoluted relationship. It’s difficult to say what it is precisely in regards to tree roots that catch our creative energy; however they have done as such for a large number of years.

They wind through numerous world societies’ people stories and legends and flourish in our typical vocabulary. The moderate yet beyond any doubt power with which they smash and beat concrete (and at times even steel) rouses dreams of a characteristic recovery of the enlightened world, and their serpentine structures move dreams of streams and lightning. via boredpanda

Image credits: worldbeyondyourown

Image credits: Horst Kiechle

Image credits: jakeinator21


Image credits: Horst Kiechle

Image credits: Forz