The best of the National Geographic Traveller photography contest

For photography enthusiasts who love capturing spontaneous outdoor photos and wildlife photos, National Geographic organizes a national photography contest each year. This year’s competition was open until 30th June and saw some fascinating entries being submitted. The web link given here is a collection of some of the best photo entries that were submitted by contestants all over the USA.

Under the respective categories such as Spontaneous Moments Travel Portraits, Wildlife Photos, and Outdoor Scenes, various contestants submitted some very impressive clicks. Take a look at the photos under this link to see and appreciate these brilliant wildlife photos yourself. via | via boredpanda
Photo by Francisco Mingorance

Photo by Chris Schmid

Photo by Robin Moore

Photo by Graham McGeorge

Photo by Sundell Larsen

Photo by Daniel Sakal

Photo by Dirk Kanz

Photo by suzanne van dalsen

Photo by Ondrej Zaruba

Photo by ralph pace

Photo by Guillermo Ossa

Photo by Alexander Poellinger

Photo by Jayesh Mehta