The 50-Inch Booty Girl Looks to Make her Big Move from Steel to Modeling

Patricia Washington lives in Detroit and she has had a rough life from the beginning. She saw a poor upbringing and came across her mother being murdered when she was only 8. She says that it was due to drug abuse that her murder died. She even has to work for a steel firm to earn her living. However, she believes that things will change pretty soon for her.

Ever since she got some photos taken of her and put in Instagram, she has been a popular figure. She got a call from a photographer based out in Miami, who took her images and posted it, from where she got further calls from magazines, photographers and different brands.

One of the exciting part of her body is her booty, which is as good as 50-in. She has got fat taken out from different part of her body and then put into her booty to make it look what it is today.

She feels that her surgically repaired booty has made her more attractive and guys flock her just because of that. Even the photographers feel that one of the asset on her body is her booty. She is hoping that her hardship will end and she will become a model very soon.