Taking the tough road to attaining education

Children often frown at the start of the academic season as they do not like to be tied down by the rules and regulations of school. But there are some students, in various parts of the world, who need to go through perilous tracks for the sake of acquiring basic education.

From climbing the steep mountain walls to crossing the crocodile infested rives, these children are ready to take on any situation to get to their school. Some of the terrains are very dangerous and one small step can take them to their deaths. To see these snaps, check more amazing photograps below and you may also visit the source provided on our site. via (h/t: amusingplanet) | via boredpanda

Image credits: Imaginachina/Rex Features

Image credits: Sipa Press

Image credits: Reuters

Image credits: Christoph Otto

Image credits: Timothy Allen