Swinging at the edge of the cliff

You will hardly find a person who not taken a ride on a swing but this article will give you a chance to swing into the vast depths. Here you will get to see images of a swing, which is located at the La Casa Del Arbol, in the country of Ecuador, which gives a new meaning to the term “swinging at the edge”. This swing is attached to a tree house and is thousands of meters above the sea level. Swinging here has its own thrills and this spot is visited by people all year round. If you are interested in this, check more amazing photograps below and you may also visit the source provided on our site. via mymodernmet.com | via boredpanda

Image credits: tapiture.com

Image credits: bathtobanos.org

Image credits: bathtobanos.org

Image credits: eaholo.blogspot.com

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Image credits: Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs

Image credits: Rinaldo W.

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