Surrealist Picture of Life

What we think of surreal images is something beyond imagination or out of the real world. If we try to define the word surreal, it would be something which sweeps our feet off the ground at times, yet seems very dreamy. Here on the website, we have come across a bunch of surreal sculptures that are beautiful and very impactful.

These surrealist sculptures are in different forms to steal our glance and make it glued to them. These individual sculptures are telling distinct stories of life with mix objects and putting them in a different light. via mymodernmet

By Pablo Curutchet

By Alex Chinneck

By Richard J. Evans

By Myeongbeom Kim

By Martijn Rijerse and Hanneke Supply

By Carl Jara

By Julien Vallee

By Typoe

By Kate MccGwire

By Vladislav Novikov-Barkovsky

By Nancy Fouts

By The Glue Society