Sperm Whales Giving Tourists the Time of Their Life

It is quite a frightening scene to encounter a giant animal, and that too as huge as whale. However, not if you are in the pod of wonderful sperm whales, which interact to tourists in Caribbean Island. The place is just around the shore of Dominica, the island country. There were a lot of incredible images taken by Patrick Dykstra, the 35-year-old videographer from US.

He had an opportunity of a life time to be a part of a sea safari, which allowed a very small group of tourists to not only swim in the sea, but also swim by the side of these so-called gentle giants. Patrick took his camera to the safari and he was able to take an amazing lot of images of the friendly mammals, not only under the sea, but also from the top. He used a drone to take magnificent top view of the images from the top.

According to Patrick, after doing whale photography for more than 10 years, the experience, which he had in Dominican Island was simply magnificent. He never thought that getting so close to the whale was so easy and he would be able to take such incredible images of the Sperm Whale.