Some snaps of Iridescent Clouds that illuminate the skies with multihued Rainbows

During the later parts of the afternoon, on a searing and clammy day, you could look upward and be sufficiently blessed to catch a sight of shining clouds that sparkle with rainbow colors. This is rare phenomenon that occurs on sunlight diffracting off homogeneously sized droplets of water present in the air.

Also referred to as “fire rainbows” / “rainbow clouds,” this rather unusual event is most frequently observed in cirrocumulus, altocumulus, lenticular and cirrus clouds. This is a phenomenon that’s been documented across the earth. This post has a number of unusual instances of this gorgeous natural occurrence. via mymodernmet

Photo source: Concreteabstractions / Wikipedia

Photo source: Pennina Neumann

Photo source: Joseph Brimacombe

Photo source: Richard Sneddon

Photo source: Gary

Photo source: Brody J

Photo source: Eileen

Photo source: August Allen via APOD

Photo source: Brocken Inaglory / Wikipedia

Photo source: George Quiroga / Wikipedia

Photo source: Oleg Bartunov via APOD

Photo source: Dave McGlinchey

Photo source: Esther Havens via APOD