Some of mind blowing images of the gallery

If art has mesmerized you till date then the pictures of the link will take your mind away in a second. The page is not about a singular form of art and does not relay the talent of an individual artist rather the page defines how several artists have excavated their performances related to one theme.

Basically, if you are an avid follower of every forms of painting or possess interest in the medium then the details of the page will appeal you. But, if you are a layman who just loves staring at exotic painting for them it will be a wide ranged platform to shower praises. Go to the page and please your eyes with beauty.  Image Credit: More info: Via: LAX / TXL website | via mymodernmet

Bec Winnel

Photo credit (above): Eugene Kim/My Modern Met 

Seth Armstrong

David Cooley

Sarah Joncas

Camilla d`Errico

Brian M. Viveros