Safety Tips While Traveling in Cambodia

Getting in and out of Cambodia
Cambodia is located in the South East Asia and is surrounded by Thailand, Vietnam, etc. You can get in and out of Cambodia by either flight if you are counting on time or by crossing borders if you like roadway traveling. In this article you will find the ways to get in Cambodia both by air and land.

Cambodian flights:
Anywhere you need to go in this world flights are the best means of transport system provided there should be availability of airports. Cambodian at present are widening up their open sky policy allowing many of the major flights to get in and out of Cambodia. Right now the number of flights flying in and out of Cambodia is increasing. In Cambodia there are two international airports available namely the Phnom Penh International Airport and the Siem Reap – Angkor International Airport. You can choose your flights depending on your budget of travel. You can get in and out of Cambodia in flight from the cities mentioned below.

* Ho Chi Minh
* Bangkok
* Guangzhou
* Kuala Lumpur
* Singapore
* Shanghai
* Vientiane
* Taipei
* Seoul – Incheon
* Nanning
* Da Nang
* Hanoi
* Kunming.

Entering Cambodia via border crossing:
Traveling through land you can enter or leave Cambodia through the following borders. You can use Aranyaprathet crossing, The Koh Kong crossing when you are coming from Thailand and Moc Bai crossing and Ka – Om Samnor crossing from Vietnam. From Laos you have only the Voeun Khan border crossing to enter Cambodia.

Before and After Visit Cambodia
1. If you are from USA or European country and want to visit Cambodia, you might want to read some of these tips first.

2. Try to bring some over the counter medicines with you, you never know because you might end up getting diarrhea or cold as you can see Cambodia is hot and steamy. In case that you don’t bring anything, you could also find all the medicine you want in all pharmacy around the city. I recommend you to get any vaccine shot (like anti-malaria) if you are planning on visiting suburb in some provinces of Cambodia.

3. You don’t need to bring thick coats with you while visiting Cambodia- as you can see Cambodia is so hot and steamy almost all year round. T-shirt,Short sleeve shirt, and short pants are recommended.

4. you don’t need to get a Cambodia visa from the Cambodia embassy in your country, Visa can be acquired at the Phnom Penh International air port in Cambodia, all you need to do is bring one passport picture with you.
For visa price, 20 dollars are for visitor, 25 dollars for business in 1 month period, and 5 dollars penalty per day if the 30 days are expired.

5. If you don’t have someone to pick you up at the airport, you still can find tuk-tuk or taxi easily. Normally, the price for tuk tuk is 5 to 7 dollars USD and Taxi is 7 to 10 dollars if it is around the city.

6. Hotels: There are a lot of hotels, motels, and guesthouses in Cambodia and best of all they are very cheap- it can be started from 5 up to 40 dollars USD if you pick the 2 or 3 stars standard. Usually, I recommend you to get these kind of hotels, although the service and the environment is not the same but the room is almost the same like 4 or 5 star hotel, and best of all it saves you a lot of money. You can use that money on shopping and getting delicious foods around town.

7. Transportation: You will have a few options, 1st is moto taxi, 2nd is tuk tuk, and 3rd is Cycloe (3 wheel vehicles used with legs) . I would recommend you to get tuk tuk as it is more safety and it also can help protect you from the steamy heat or rain although, it is a little more expensive than moto taxi, but when it comes to safety you have no way to refuse.

Also Cycloe if you just travel in close destination and want to get a clear view around the city- it will be the best. It’s kinda slow, but you won’t regret on what you want to see for years.

8. Bargain: You need to learn to bargain, everything in Cambodia is bargainable. Mostly, you can get from 20% to 50% off from the asking price, except the goods at modern market such as LUCKY MARKET (all goods with price tag), ect. Also some modern markets you can still bargain especially you are a tourist, the seller is always asking a very high price. Try to act that you know Cambodia clearly and always act like you are walking away every time that you think you don’t get a good price. That seller might call you to get her/his product with your price.

Also when you get on something like Moto taxi, Tuk-Tuk, or Clycloe, you must ask the price first, and always bargain with them if you feel the price is too high. It shouldn’t be over 5 dollars if you ride around the city.

phnom penh4

9. Night Club & Bars: There are many night clubs and bars in Phnom Penh city, just to name a few like Rock, DJ Club, Spark, Orange Club, CASA, ect. How do you go there? Any moto, tuk-tuk, and Cyclo driver knows and can take you there. You also can ask them for some suggestions for new best places, but since now SPARK is the best- many popular Cambodian singers over there. It plays live band and also tape.

11. Sex: If you heard your friend told you that Cambodia has a lot of young and beautiful under-age girls that you can play with, they are wrong. Don’t get yourself in trouble and end up in jail. I understand that everyone on vacation wants something good to enjoy, but don’t play with under-age children although someone try to sell to you, please keep yourself away- Respect and be nice is what you should do as a tourist.

10. Be safety: Cambodia is a great and safe place to visit and Phnom Penh is the most safety among the cities and provinces. Just keep in mind that although it is very safe and less robbery, it doesn’t mean the crime doesn’t appear. Always hold your wallet and your valuable goods tight when you walk in a narrow spot with lots of people walking close with each other, otherwise your pocket could be cut with razor or some sharp stuff.