Recreated art on balloon

Japanese craftsman Masayoshi Matsumoto can make remarkable masterpieces that can be delighted in by both grown-ups and kids alike with simply a brilliant arrangement of inflatables. His inventive developments concentrate for the most part ashore creatures, bugs, and ocean animals, including clear fish, solid tree reptiles, gleam oblivious jellyfish, and itemized pink flamingos. The plans become animated without tape or markers, implying that everything is made by turning different inflatables together.

Indeed, even the animals’ beady eyes, which seem as though they were carefully drawn on with marker, are really made with modest, curved inflatables. Notwithstanding his accumulation of expanded inflatable creatures, the skilled craftsman additionally has an arrangement devoted to anime and computer game characters. Image Credit: More info: Via: Masayoshi Matsumoto’s Balloon Animal Tumblr | via Masayoshi Matsumoto’s Balloon Character Tumblr | via [Laughing SquidThe Independent, Kotaku] | via mymodernmet