Quasi Crowned the Ugliest Dog in the world

It is not always a bad thing being ugly. And now with the Hunchbacked dog, known to his owners as Quasi Modo, being crowned the ugliest dog in the world and winning 1500 USD for its owners, you do know that there is a good side to being ugly as well. Quasi is a crossbreed having a shortened spine.

This shortened spine makes him resemble a hyena. He came out as the ugliest amongst the 26 other mutts and got awarded during the Sonoma Marin Fair, which took place in Petaluma, California.

Brian Soben, who was a the chief judge at the contest, said that there is an excellence in ugliness as well. The mail objective of the event was to ensure that adoptation of dogs having issues with their body or appearance can be promoted. Again, a little pamper to these dogs or even just a home can go a long way in helping these pets.

Apart from winning the 1500 USD, Quasi also got a chance to get a complete makeover to be done at Jimmy Kimmel Live. He will even attend media events in San Francisco and New York.
Hope this move help in spreading love and care amongst every dog around.