Popular Pitbull is Father to a Puppy Litter Worth 500,000 USD

Even the worlds biggest pitbull goes down on his knees and cuddles his adorable kids. It is believed that Hulk, as he is known around the world, has eight puppies and together they can fetch almost half a million dollar. Hulk weighs in close to 12 stones.

According to his owner, Marlon Grennan, his bite is so strong that it can even lead to a man’s arm getting broken as if it was a toothpick. Around his kids, however, he behaves very soft, as he nuzzles and licks the new brood.

If properly groomed, Marlon believes that all the eight pups of the Papa Hulk can collectively earn 500,000 USD, if they will get the proper training from him to become protection dogs.

He believes that one or two of them might get close to what he looks like or even surpass his looks in the future and become the crowned hulk themselves.

Marlon and his wife, even allows the Hulk, to play with their little 3-year old kid, Jordan. They believe that Hulk has an affection towards Jordan and they are comfortable with him being around the kid.

The protection dog at Marlon’s school in New Hampshire, US, supplies protection dogs to high profile individuals including celebrities, professional and billionaires.