Pageant Princess: Nine-year-old Barbie Is A Beauty Queen

This video is filmed on a nine year old cute girl named Barbie Loveridge who resides at Peterborough in England. Barbie Loveridge like her name always had been testing for the word of showpiece. Her parents decided the name Barbie for their daughter right from the time when her mother bencame pregnant.

Barbie’s lovable mother Samantha Loveridge (29 years) has been entering her nine year old daughter in the Beauty Pageant’s competition since last two years. She spends $530 per month to turn her beautiful daughter into a Pageant Princess while paying for the spray tans so that she gets the perfect appearance. All Samantha wants is to see her daughter become a Pageant Princess.

Barbie says that it makes her feel different, nice and excited at the same time. The nine year old girl has participated in more than 30 contests and presently competes once per month. Samantha Loveridge is behind all the preparations like putting Kajal on her eyes, applying foundations, eyelashes.

Apart from these, she perfects the wig to be put into the girl’s hair and get it look as big as possible. How can one forget about the gorgeous dresses that the nine year old girl wears? Best wishes for the girl!