Oldest tree on this planet is 9550 years old

Trees are considered as one of the longest living elements and there are some trees that survive for more than hundred years on this planet. But there is a tree that can make you surprised for its age which is 9550 years.

This stunning tree is found in Sweden in the year of 2004 and this tree is the oldest living tree exists on this planet. If you want to gather more information about this tree then you can enter into this link. The appearance of the tree may not express its old age but the scientists have discovered its actual age. Image Credit: More info: Via:  National Geographic (h/t: mymodernmetaftonbladet) | Via : boredpanda

Image credits: Petter Rybäck

Image credits: Leif Kullman

Image credits: Karl Brodowsky

Image credits: Patrik Qvist

Image credits: IBL/Rex Features

Image credits: Carkrull