New trend of flower in beards

Pierce Thiot, a photographer likes to put different objects in his beard. It looks like he’s not alone as nowadays men all over the world are beautifully arranging flowers in their beards.

It’s almost impossible to identify the person who started this trend. However a picture on our list is from 1977 which probably means that this idea was born even before than the hippie movement and it also looks as if they were inspired from John Phillip’s hit song “San Francisco”. So visit this link and see some pictures of this weird trend that many are following nowadays almost all over the world. via Tumblr (h/t: Swagger) | via boredpanda

Image credits: Cloe Ashton

Image credits: Shannon

Image credits: Ashley Thalman

Image credits: Cecilia Moller

Image credits: Ashley Thalman

Image credits: Sarah Winward

Image credits: Peter Yankowsky

Image credits: erial

Image credits: Carissa Gallo

Image credits: Elizabeth Eastman

Image credits: Marlee Banta

Image credits: Sanja Lydia Kulusic