Napping Boy And Puppy Duo Get Yet Another Nap Friend- A Baby Sister

Toddler Beau and puppy Theo use to take their blissful naps together, always. Over time, the duo got another friend- the boy’s baby sister named Evangeline as the third member of the sleeping team.
Though very young, she proves that she never needs any help to lull her into sleep in the company of her brother and the puppy.

Their different napping postures are really wonderful betraying their innocence, which include Beau sleeping with the puppy’s head resting on his neck or some other part, while the young baby sleeps somewhere on his hand or nearby. A prolific blogger, Jessica Shyba, Beau’s mother, is set to release photos of the team’s naps soon, happy with the trio.via | Instagram | Amazon (h/t: huffpost) | via boredpanda