Love Ebbs All Boundaries: An Exceptional Love Story Of A Gentle Giant And A Tiny Woman

Joelison Fernandes da Silva, (28) a Brazilian suffering from the rare condition of Gigantism was so shy and stigmatised for his height that he refused to come out of his house for many years had finally found love and remedy both in his tiny wife, Evem Medeiros (21).

His life was a trauma for him ever since he developed a benign tumour in his pituitary gland that made his life a living hell as he attained an eye-brow raising height of 7 ft 8 inches.

Joelison was a school dropout since he could not take the ridiculous bullying that he faced in school. But his problem was brought under control by the successful removal of the tumour.

The guy who had been suffering for a long time finally felt a bit relieved after the surgery. That is why he went ahead and cemented his happiness by marrying Evem who is just 5 ft. This is an extra ordinary love story that has battled all evil and has emerged victorious showing that no matter what, true love conquers all. Watch this video to witness it.