Lifelike animal sculptures done through needle

This segment is about a person who specializes in creating realistic animals by a relatively unknown art form, needle felting. Wool fibers are stabbed into by very sharped and barbed needle many times which knots the fibers through the needle’s barbs and then the wool fibers can be moulded and sculpted into forms.

He often starts with a normal wire armature, the animal’s skeleton and then felt around it. He often sculpts claws from fimo and adds taxidermic quality glass eyes while working with tons of pictures of reference. View hi work in this link. via  Facebook | Etsy | via boredpanda

Charming hedgehog couple

Adorable little bird

Spectacled Flying Fox

Cute Fawns

Mr. Jack Rabbit

Red Panda

Needle Felted Giant Anteater

Turtle eating its salad

Barn Owl


Barn owls are my favorite

Needle Felted Grizzly Bear and Cups

Adorable owl couple

Frog sitting on a mushroom

Peacock spider