Life of India’s tallest man

Every guy wishes to be tall, but Dharmendra Singh from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, never expected his wish to be fulfilled in such generous manner. Standing at 8 feet 1 inch, he is the tallest man of India, but life isn’t easy for this tall fellow. From his teens, he started outgrowing his friends drastically.

Astonishment soon gave way to amusement and he became an object of ridicule amongst his friends. If that wasn’t enough, his colossal height made it extremely hard to befriend the opposite gender. He never had any female friends in his college and even today, he finds it hard to approach a woman.

It is probably due to the looks of awe and fright he gets from women when passing them on the street. He found it hard to do any job too due to his unnatural physique but finally his height came of some use.

Today he is displayed as a freak in local fairs where pay money to take a picture with him. It earns him 6$ every day, enough to earn a living, but he still craves for one thing, love. The 32 year old man from Meerut hopes to find his true love someday.