Life In a Toilet – A Heart-melting Story

Just imagine what you will do if you are asked to live in toilet for even one day. Shocked right? It may appear to people that may be their worst nightmares have come to life at the slightest thought of this task. But not for Premraj Das who spends day in and day out by making a public toilet his abode of peace.

This is a natural habit of most people to complain about their workplace. But think of this man who has turned his workplace into his home. He eats, sleeps, works and spends his life at a place which is a problem for most to live for more than an hour.

The thefts and vandalism that had been inflicted in the Delhi Lavatories had compelled the authorities to appoint guards for safeguarding them and keeping them clean. Premraj Das who is 40 years old is one such employee who earns a monthly wage of $ 70.

In order to send this meagre amount entirely to his family he sacrificed even a more or less descent stay by renting a place. He lives, cooks and eats at the toilet where he works so that he can save the most. The toilet is open from 6 am to 9apm. After 9 o’clock at night he prepares food, dines and sleeps in that place that too without complaining.

This place which is considered to be a stigma by most is the peaceful and happy home for Premraj as he is satisfied to meet new people every day and feels blessed to have this.