Last Male Northern White Rhino Living His Last Days

With the Male Northern White Rhino becoming extinct at an alarming pace, Sudan, the 42 year old, was the only hope for many to make the extincting breed survive the time. However, after being held captive for a majority of his life, he lost all his capabilities to mating with female companion.

All the trainers at the Ol Pejeta conservative in Laikipia, Kenya, have been trying to ensure that the white rhino breeds with Najin and Fatu, the female rhinos of the park. However, their efforts have failed completely. Not only Sudan became too old for sexual activity, his semens were not too strong to ensure that the breeding was not possible. Scientists are hoping that the development in technology might lead the way for coming out with a method of using the semen from the rhino and regenerating its breed.

Currently, into the final years of his life, Sudan lives with armed guards around him. They play around with him, knowing that his end is soon. Again, the rhino has build a strong bond with his guards. It is believed that he is quite friendly with both his guards as well as the tourists, who come to watch the final glimpse of the extincting race of rhinos.