Kenton Lee Invents Sandals Adjusting To Five Sizes, And Lasting Five Years For Poor Children

Moved by the sight of poor children walking around bare-foot in many parts of the world, Kenton Lee of “The Shoe That Grows,” a small shoe company, hit upon an idea to make shoes that are adjustable to five sizes. Attaching more importance to function rather than fashion, Lee used compressed rubber for sole, and high quality leather for other parts, not cutting any corners of the materials used.

The company observes that millions of children across the world have either no shoes, or misfitting shoes. Their concern is that when the children go barefoot, they may get injuries and infections. To avoid t, his and to overcome recurring expenses, the shoes made by Lee would be the wisest choice. via | Facebook | Twitter (h/t: instructables, demilked) | via boredpanda