Isa-Bella Proves that Confidence can Win the Worst of Syndromes

Born with one of the most difficult syndromes to live with, The Parkes Weber Syndrome, Isa-Bella has learnt how to live life full with confidence. She has her right legs more than the double of the size of the left leg due to the presence of the syndrome, which causes heavy swelling.

She is an inspiration to many, as the 19-year-old, despite her condition, has come out with a bikini photo of herself at the beach.

She does accept the fact that the presence of the swollen feet, which weighs close to 40 pounds, have made her life difficult, as she cannot participate in many sports. Again, she is unable to wear tight jeans. However, she is fine with this condition, as she got confidence in different walks of life.

Both her sister and mother are quite proud of her, as she keeps on living the life on her terms and sets up example for others to follow. She even won a beauty peagant in her home town in Canada.

Currently, she is under therapy and it is believed that if things go at the right pace, she will be in a better shape quite soon. She has already lost 8 pounds of water in 3 weeks of therapy.