Interesting examples of space logos

There are different kinds of space logos which are very creatively designed and these logos are created in such a way that can attract the eyes of the people easily. The designers of these logos are passionate and they know about the basics of the designs of logo. This link can give pleasure to the people who are interested in logo designing and want to know about the varieties of these logos in detail.

This link provides you some negative space logos and the details of these logos are also given to make you understand them in a better way. You are going to find the pictures of these logos at this link as well. via boredpanda

Designer: Jacob Cass

Designer: vasvari

Designer: Mootto Studio

Designer: Matto

Designer: Abdallah Ahizoune

Designer: Abdallah Ahizoune

Designer: Alexandre Nami

Designer: Rajendra Prasad A

Designer: itsgareth

Designer: reghardt